Ouch! That Worship Hurt!

What comes to mind when you think of worship? Pipe organs? Choirs? Clapping? Dancing? Silence? Most people I know think of joy and exuberance when the idea of worship comes to mind. Worship does also have a painful side.

God, sometimes in the midst of our worship, points out things in our lives that need correction. It is called conviction. When you read Isaiah 6, Isaiah sees the Lord. His response is “Woe is me…” Isaiah saw the holiness of God and the sinfulness of self.

Tonight, God revealed something to me about myself to which I had to say “Woe is me.” We cannot always expect chills going up and down our spine when we are in God’s presence. Sometimes it is the reminder that we are nothing apart from Him. It hurts, but the fruit of confession and repentance is sweeter than the devil would like us to think.

20 thoughts on “Ouch! That Worship Hurt!

  1. Good lesson. I can remember times when God brought conviction during worship. But I can remember more when He brings inspiration. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my poems were written during sermons! Sorry, I need to write them down when they come – just one of those things!

  2. Amen! I’ve had those moments where He points things out to me too. I love those times…because I actually feel closer to Him in those moments. I guess it’s because now that I’ve learned of and accepted His great love for me, I can be confident in the realization that He chastens whom He loves (Hebrews 12:6). His love for me surpasses anything I’ve done and I know His conviction over the enemy’s condemnation better now.

  3. Daddy God is the best father and that includes correction. If we were not corrected and disciplined, we would miss so much and merely live in the flesh rather than the Spirit.

  4. The Father corrects the child He loves. I welcome His correction because that means I’m following closely to Him. My cry is, expose any hidden things in my heart so that I may walk closer to You every day.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that worship isn’t always about making us feel good about ourselves….but also to help weed out the “stuff” that keeps us from becoming more like Jesus….which should be the result of worship!

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