Waves of Revival or Waves of Regurgitation?

I had the blessing of speaking on Facebook Messenger audio to an African brother in Christ. We try to connect every so often. He came across me through this blog, and he has blessed me with his zeal for Christ.

He began talking about waves of revival today. He spoke about different nations, what they are encountering, and what he believes they will encounter. As I was thinking about America, I sadly believe that we are not experiencing waves of revival but rather waves of regurgitation. We know how to manufacture and regurgitate “church”. We know the right temperature, lighting, and atmosphere to create. The real question is this – What do we know of the real power of God?

This dear brother in Christ from Ghana challenged my heart. He was on fire today. His church had an all-night prayer meeting. They are heavy into evangelism. He probably didn’t realize it, but he encouraged me to step it up a notch or two. I want a true wave of revival not a regurgitated imitation. No recycled manna for me!


4 thoughts on “Waves of Revival or Waves of Regurgitation?

  1. I agree—we are missing the fervor. How do we encourage this revival? How do we teach people to overcome fear—fear of rejection, isolation, and heaviness? We are sorely in need of revival, but such a revival is not likely to come without great suffering and need.

  2. Great to be encouraged like that Matt, and how awesome is technology that allows the body to connect the way you 2 have. Good stuff man, may the fire continue.

    Thanks for sharing

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