An Oasis of Love

At the age of 15, I wondered if there were any conservative evangelical churches anywhere that preached the truth in love. It was then that I stumbled across Lakewood Church’s television program as John and Dodie Osteen shared the love of Jesus with such compassion yet did not compromise. Their theme was “An Oasis of Love”. While some may not agree with them doctrinally, they preached a clear gospel and made an impact on this young man’s life.

I later joined the staff of several conservative evangelical churches. Not all of them knew the balance of truth and love. As do many pastors, I got burned a few times. A few years ago left me in pursuit once again of a loving place. After an 8-month search, God finally placed us there. We only stayed 7 months before I planted Overcomers, but those were some of the sweetest times of worship.

Tonight, I had the privilege of going back for a special service that emphasized racial and denominational unity across the board. It was powerful! God is clearly at work in that ministry, and it’s always good to know we have a place to call home when the minister needs some ministry.

You may be wandering if the desert in pursuit of an oasis of love where you can experience the power of God and the love of His people. I promise you that these places do exist. Don’t quit searching! At just the right time, God will place you in a place of healing like this was for us.


12 thoughts on “An Oasis of Love

  1. Thank you Brother! God is doing some awe-some work on Earth these days; bringing unity to the denominations – pouring out love on the divisions in Christ’s body. Spirit is working on me/in me to understand the spiritual battle and stop hardening my heart toward those who are “bad”. In the midst of unity and love, we need to be alert to not get into “sloppy Agape” and off-base with the statutes of God, calling sin OK!

  2. I have had the honor to work with some clergy and through that experience I realized that they are people too just like us, only with a gift of being able to deliver a message. It is wonderful that you experienced being ministered to. Yes, GOD leads……..we just need to follow!
    In my current Church we have been in 1 Corinthians since January…… is all about unity. And we as Christians are unified with ONE message……..the message of the Cross. Thank you for your post!

  3. Its funny that ee often talk about God is love and yet the church can be the coldest most judgemental place in earth. Thankfully i finally found my oasis of love…from the time i entered the door i was loved up completely and it carried over to the rest of the family. When life seems to be coming at me from every angle it is literally my sanctuary where i can take every burden & leave it on the altar! Thank you Lord for my church!!!!

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