Removal for Revival

We often hear about removal of sin when it comes to experiencing revival, but we often overlook a removal that often needs to take place in order for revival to happen. That is the removal of people. I heard someone say about a church that had the “annual pastor syndrome” that this church needed to have about 5 funerals before they could experience revival.

I have seen in my years of ministry that some bless your church when they come there and some bless it when they leave. They are divisive and do nothing but stir up strive. It may be that they are not truly born again or that they are not in the right place. Whatever the case may be, something must change.

I know of a church that had a long-standing divisive person on staff many years ago. The staff member was removed, and a group went with the individual and spouse. Although 40 left and several died, the church grew by over 200 people. Someone had to be removed in order for revival to take place.

To any pastors who are reading this, we cannot tolerate “pot stirrers”. The Bible says that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. With that in mind, they must be addressed. If they continue to create issues, Matthew 18 is pretty clear about how to handle them. So, break out the cleaning products and get ready for revival.


5 thoughts on “Removal for Revival

  1. This is so true….and it is sad at the same time. Sad that their are professing Christians who are stopping the blessing of God and the power of God from being on the church they attend. May we each pray that we are not the reason why our church isn’t growing or that the power of God isn’t flowing!

  2. I really appreciate you insight here. I have ministered to congregations, where the pots were often stirred. To be fair, however, not all annual pastor churches are alike. Sometimes it is our ministering brother that is “wrong” for the place. I had one colleague of which we joked that “he was the most effective evangelist since the apostle Paul. Why? Because where ever he ministered the church became two.”

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