Losing to Gain

If anyone else here shares my sentiments, this is your least favorite weekend of the year – the weekend we lose an hour of sleep. I love the time change that takes place in November because I gain an hour of sleep, but human nature despises losing. We want to gain.

Despite the loss of an hour of sleep this weekend, we will gain something – an extra hour of daylight. Notice the principle here: in order to gain, we must lose something. The opposite also applies. When I lost weight, I gained in areas of my physical health. When I gained weight, I lost the ability to climb up hills without extra exertion, etc. Any gain takes sacrifice or a loss.

Christ suffered loss so that we would gain. He paid a tremendous price to pay for our salvation. So as we grunt about this weekend, may we focus more on the gains than the losses. You might be surprised how your whole perspective will change.

Photo from officiallypeter.wordpress.com

12 thoughts on “Losing to Gain

  1. I like this post, Matthew. I like when you said, “… in order to gain, we must lose something.” I think this should apply all Christians in that, in order to gain eternity with the Father, we have to first lose our worldly and selfish natures and become more like Christ.

  2. I love your perspective! There are times where I just look at one side of the situation instead of looking at the other side. Sometimes, I look at the negatives instead of looking at the outcome. Even though we may go through things that aren’t comfortable, there is away something to gain. Like you mentioned, Christ suffered so we could gain, and with His mercy, we can have everything.

    Thank you for this perspective, for it has really helped me become more positive! God bless you! 🙂

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