Vision Cannot Be Compromised

As a church planter, I have not been quick to get people into our doors. Have I invited lots of people? Absolutely! My main goal is to invite them to Jesus. Their involvement in a faith community is an overflow of their relationship with Christ.

Many church planters try everything imaginable to lure people. They call people they know and convince them how dissatisfied they are in their current church. They tell them how much better their church is than others. I have done the opposite. I tell people up front that we don’t vote, have business meetings or committees, and we are committed to reaching all kinds of people who are deemed unworthy by many religious folks. I purposely try to run them off so if they don’t like what we’re about, they will go somewhere that satisfies them (although worship is not supposed to be about us).

Why do I operate this way? Because vision cannot be compromised. For example, I am a hospice chaplain. As a home hospice organization, we admit those who are terminally ill. Our purpose is not to drum up business by admitting people who want adult day care, pampering, or home health. We are not a taxi service. We have a specific function, and functioning outside our purpose would lead to the demise of the organization.

Overcomers Church has a specific goal and end in mind. We try to prevent from deviating from this goal. Our calendar is filled with things that align with our vision. If we wanted to be like another church in the area, we should have just decided we would all pack their seats.

Vision is key to every area of life. Set goals and build each area of life around them. There is too much at stake to live haphazardly.

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7 thoughts on “Vision Cannot Be Compromised

  1. I love your church! Clear vision, staying on task, reaching the lost and unlovable, going for the outcast. Hmmm sounds a lot like Jesus to me.

    Be blessec

  2. Amen! God has something unique in store for every church, I haven’t seen copycat churches make it very far because it became their dream instead of God’s. The church we are a part of is a planter and our Pastor has taken the same approach as you. Just sharing Christ’s love with people will truly transform not only the people who come through your doors but the surrounding town/city. God bless!

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