God has reminded me of something that infects the lives of many pastors and churches – misinformation or a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is not bliss. God wants us to be informed, so I choose to do better in some areas.

Today, a friend of mine who has been clean for almost 4 years shared his testimony. As we have been talking for a few weeks about this, I realized how misinformed I am about addiction. The problem is that this misinformation has been propagated from many pulpits and pastors. Rather than finding out the underlying reason that people become addicted to alcohol, drugs, or sex, many choose to call them drunks, meth heads, or hoes. Because the way to get someone on the road to recovery is the guilt trip, right? WRONG!!! It’s time to stop the labels and time to address the root issue.

There is so much more I could say. Bottom line: Do your homework! You might be surprised what you will discover.

7 thoughts on “Misinformed

  1. I couldn’t agree more…since statistically speaking half the men in the church look at porn on a monthly basis and over half of them are addicted. Who knows how many functioning alcoholics are in the church.

    But for the pastor or anyone, for that matter, to help they must first be able to understand the how’s and why’s.

  2. So true! As I enter into my 27th year of sobriety, I have come up against all types of miss informed people. Far too many folks base their understanding by what Hollywood or TV says about addiction. One must seek a fuller understanding of it if they are to be able to help those caught in this life and death struggle.
    Part of God’s call on my life is to be a hand reaching out to help those trapped by drugs and alcohol. I can say from experience that a vast majority of these people are miss informed about the Jesus I know as my Higher Power. I can also state that in my time of ministry only those who can grab onto the faith component have shown any real chance of long-term and healthy recovery.
    Blessings to you Matt!

  3. Amen, amen! Many times people turn to something they think will save them from pain, abuse, heartache, disappointment, etc. Only Jesus can fill this void, but He also was one to sit with the sinners and talk to them.

    He learned their story and knew it better than they understood.

    That’s love.

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