“Complicity and the Christ?”

An excellent post on how child sexual abuse should be addressed biblically. We must stop sweeping such things under the rug or downplaying them.

See, there's this thing called biology...

So, I continue to be frustrated by Pastor Wilson’s rather poor response to child sexual abuse. That’s actually a charitable way to put it. It’s way beyond poor. It’s a real irritant to me because I like his theology and his way with words, but his heart is just all wrong, and there are real people who have suffered greatly for having been sold some of this rubbish.

I have some compassion for victims of abuse. Of that there is no doubt. However, my real concern is how or why people are driven away from the church and sometimes away from Jesus Christ Himself.

Take for example his post, “Complicity in Christ” It’s quite reasonable if we are talking about neighbors getting along with one another or how to survive the next family reunion. BUT he is actually speaking about child rape, which is kind of buried among the words…

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3 thoughts on ““Complicity and the Christ?”

  1. Thank you. This was so profound, and in many ways brings some healing and sanity to my mind. I have spent several weeks engaged in conversation with bloggers and tweeters who swear God has nothing but hate for sinners, and basically chastise me for my lack of biblical knowledge just for having challenged them. The pride is sickening. The lack of concern for how they are bludgeoning unbelievers and shutting the door of heaven in their faces is sickening. The lack of empathy for everyone who, in their eyes, are the unlucky unchosen whom God destined as fuel for the fires of hell is sickening. This blog post was a breath of fresh air. Again, thank you.

    1. I have followed InsanityBytes, the writer of this post, for most of the time I have blogged. She articulates her thoughts like no other. I totally agree with your comments here. God never called those who know the truth to be hatemongers. Jesus told His disciples that they will be known be their love.

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