Stories of Overcomers Series

Since we started Overcomers Church, I have had the idea in my heart of a series called “Stories of Overcomers”. This series would highlight people who have overcome some major issues in life by the power of God. We have done that for the last 5 Sundays. Most churches would not allow a pastor to do this, but I don’t get paid so I don’t have anyone dangling a paycheck over my head because I’m not “earning my keep”. (If only people realized that a pastor still does a lot even if he doesn’t preach.) I led the discussions most every week, and it has been fun.

Week one, a family shared how their daughter was 11 at the time she was diagnosed with cancer. The community came through with lots of love and prayer, and this young lady is now healed by the power of God. They are walking closer with God and recognize His grace in their lives.

Week two, a lady who had a background in the occult shared how God delivered her. She is now a prayer warrior who has had a power impact in my life personally as well as countless others.

Week three, one of our own shared the story of difficulties he experienced growing up and how God saved him and called him into ministry. When he experienced divorce, he was given “sympathy” while being told he could never fulfill his calling. Thankfully, some pastors who have been his friends for some time came along and assured him that God did not “uncall” him, and that he is still usable to God. He leads our study in Revelation right now and preaches for me on occasions.

Week four, a guy who struggled with addiction shared his story about how he has been clean for nearly 4 years and is now helping others. He shared the journey leading to this and the joy he has experienced since then.

Today, one of our couples shared their journey as individual believers and their journey as a married couple. She was instrumental in him coming to Christ. He instantly got involved in youth and music ministry in their church. Later, they married and he was injured some time later while serving our country in the military. He was told he would never walk again, but he walks today as a testimony to our Healer. He is now involved in our worship ministry. He and his wife shared how the devil tried to use all that against them, but they are serving the Lord and we are so thankful to have them involved in what God is doing.

Everyone has a story. If your story has been nothing but a bunch of bad twists and turns, God can change your story. Cry out to Him today and ask Him to forgive you. Determine this day that, by His grace, you will walk with Him and devote your life to Him as He gave His life for you. You may have been overcome by life, but your story can become a story of an overcomer.

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4 thoughts on “Stories of Overcomers Series

  1. I was lost but know I am found! All and only by the grace of God. Keep doing what you are doing, folks need to hear and see the impact God is having in lives today.

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