Transparent Lighthouses

Christians are lighthouses. This writer illustrates this powerfully.

Lighthouse Devotions by JR

This 75-foot tall glass tower, evocative of a lighthouse, is part of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) located at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania.


The TREC faux lighthouse with its visible (131 steps) staircase reminds me of how we, as lighthouses for God, need to be not only strong and firmly grounded in our faith and convictions but at the same time relationally transparent. People, especially non-believers, should be able to see that true followers of Jesus Christ are made of flesh and blood. In other words, that we experience the same challenges and emotional and physical distresses as anyone else. But they should also notice that we are not easily engulfed by the clouds of defeat, self-pity, and condemnation. For, even though we are subject to the troubles of this world, we have been equipped to confront them with supernatural peace and joy. And this is what…

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3 thoughts on “Transparent Lighthouses

  1. Yes, let the Lords love shine within toward the without, for the Glory of the Lord is our light and our life and His gift to the world. Amen

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