I recently had to step back and take a look at my life. Many opportunities arise, but some of those are distractions. Here are a few things I have learned about weighing out if distractions or God-sent or hell-sent.

  1. Not every GOOD thing is a GOD thing! Just because it is good doesn’t make it right. People do lots of things that feel good only to reap consequences that leave them with regret.
  2. That consistent nudge telling you to run the other direction is most likely the Holy Spirit. It is called conviction – letting you know that God does not want you involved. Don’t ignore it!
  3. Give it time! Do not make a hasty decision! God will either confirm it through Scripture, prayer, and godly counsel or He will reveal that He has no part in it.
  4. If it is hindering you from giving God and family your best, you need to either remove it or better budget your time.

Do an inventory of your life today! If certain activities or people in your life are distractions keeping you from what is most important, it’s time for a change. You may even have an unhealthy attachment to whatever it may be, but a distraction is a stronghold that must come down in the name of Jesus.

15 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Great post. I just wrote about this on my personal Facebook page within the last two months. Just to add to what you said: in my case, it wasn’t just a distraction. It was a question of: are you going to settle? Again? I have settled for whatever–or whoever–came along most of my life, thinking it was fate. (Remember, I didn’t become a Christian until age 38 or so, so I relied on fate, not God). I opted not to this time.

  2. Excellent… Just having difficulty discerning what is– after God and family– the main thing for me… Sigh. Sadly, it may not be blogging… and so I am really wrestling with this right now. Great post, Matthew!

  3. I definitely know that there are distractions in my life at the moment that are keeping me from having a quiet time with Jesus. I used to be so on fire for God and seek His face in all ways and now I feel like I’m at a plateau and not growing. I know it’s all my fault for not being diligent in pursuing Christ. Thanks for this!

  4. What a great post about priorities , faith and trust. As you already know what we are going through at our church so I can now pray for you (and prayers from you and others have quelled some of the half-truths and outright lies about us, thank you!) and yet – doesn’t it seem like temptations arise to test us? (New opportunities in other states, a more luxurious motorhome at a great price to leave and become fulltime RV’er) and yet we feel confident God wants us here and will sustain us. Such great insight my friend, โค Blessings and appreciation, prayers for strength,

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