Don’t Be Embarrassed!

In a day and age with churches full of programs for every age, one who attends a “small church” can be embarrassed because their church does not have the resources to have big facilities and all the frills of the larger church. I began in a small church about the size of the one I now pastor. I couldn’t get my friends to attend because we didn’t have a youth group full of activities. Young and median adults would not attend because it was a primarily older congregation, and they could not relate to them.

Then I went “big time”. I went to a church of 100, then 225, then 425, then between 500-600. I thought I was something being a young guy on staff in these bigger churches. My first pastorate averaged between 80-100. I thought it was a nice beginning with a good salary. Then I returned to my roots.

I remember my first Sunday leading worship in a church of 25. The congregation was older, and I was one of the few who was remotely young. We had a few bring their grandchildren. At first, I did not realize what this group had to offer. Though they had passed their “glory days”, they had a lot of love to give a hurting guy like me who was going through a divorce. The church is now vibrant and has found new life. After that experience, I went back into a church of about 150 only to long for the community and love I had before.

Today, I lead the faith community that God is slowly developing. It is full of people who love each other. As God gives, we add ministries. I saw this very appropriate verse in an Instagram post: “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” (Zechariah‬ ‭4:10‬ ‭NLT‬‬). God has just begun what He wants to do in our church. If God could revolutionize the world through 12 disciples, imagine what He can do with approximately 25-30 people.

So when your resources seem to be small, don’t be embarrassed! If God could feed the 5,000 plus with a little boy’s lunch of fish and bread, He can multiply what you have too. God still performs miracles! Believe Him!

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Be Embarrassed!

  1. This is so true! During our lifegroup we touched on this because there are a lot of big churches that want to cater to everyone but it can be draining because you constantly have to keep the people entertained and how does the community thrive in that? There are more personal connections and accountability to be made in smaller faith families and I’m thankful that was my reintroduction to my faith after rededicating my life to Jesus not too long ago.

  2. This is very encouraging! Our church is relatively small, but visitors often comment how much we love each other. Our congregation is slowly growing. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post!

  3. Your title really spoke to me. As you can see from my latest post, I’m in a pretty bad spot. My film professor, whom I’ve remained Facebook friends with since my 2009 graduation, and his wife stopped by last night to give me $50.
    “This is awkward,” I said.
    He’s the nicest guy on the planet — one of those guys you see in 1950s sitcoms but never meet — so he said the money was to cover what he felt I should have charged when I took photos of his wife’s father’s dog for a calendar several years ago.
    It was very sweet but still embarrassing.
    This spoke to me, too:
    “So when your resources seem to be small, don’t be embarrassed! If God could feed the 5,000 plus with a little boy’s lunch of fish and bread, He can multiply what you have too. God still performs miracles! Believe Him!”
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Pastor Matthew. This post is really speaking to my heart. I am currently in a mega church with 8000 plus members, but my heart is burning for the smaller church environment. I am glad I have experienced a mega church, but i found it is not where i am meant to be. Heading back to where the heart wants to be. Please keep my family and I in prayer as we search for a smaller spiritual home.

  5. Great reminder! It’s so easy to get caught up in the number game, it’s like the first question people ask when they hear about a church, “how many people are in your congregation?” It’s like they use that number to rate success. When truthfully I’ve seen large churches without the presence of God, and small churches positively overflowing with God’s presence. It’s all about what we find to be important. Our church is small but growing…and we have seen God work wonders. Our pastor said that it’s all about relationship, we are all just chasing after God, if others want to join us that’s great, but if not it won’t stop us from chasing Him ourselves.

  6. Amen! This is very relevant to my home church. Thanks for sharing!! The last few sentences about the boy sharing his lunch really spoke to me. Who am I to doubt the power of our Almighty, God!

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