The Royal Wedding

I was not among those who awoke early to watch it live, but nevertheless I was among to who wished to watch it later. The royal family has not been without its challenges and pressures because of the spotlight and all the accompanying rules and regulations as to what is “proper”. Those who marry into this family take on a level of pressure, so I pray for protection over Duchess Meghan as she enters this new role as Duchess of Sussex.

Now to my comments about the wedding…

No royal wedding will take place without all the pomp and circumstance, but Meghan Markle brought an element of non-British culture to the ceremony. Because she is an American whose father is Caucasian and mother is African-American, I am glad she wove her own culture into the wedding. (I’m sure this was not without criticism, and I could tell that elements were not welcome by the aristocrats. Oh well!) Here is what I appreciated most.

  1. The pastor who preached proclaimed Jesus. Religious formality without a strong proclamation of Christ is common in British culture. I could see the joy on Meghan’s face as she listened to this passionate proclamation of the Lord Jesus.
  2. I also appreciated the gospel choir who sang “Stand By Me” and “Amen”. I wish this diversity existed in our rural Southern churches.

I pray that God will protect this couple from the pressure of royal life. May their love be stronger than the opposition that has and will come their way.

7 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding

  1. I rose early, because this was inspiring to see the wedding. There were several hours I could have slept, but I lingered to see it all. I’m sure today is going on more, but I stopped to write. I believe this couple will be a motivated team. I enjoyed seeing her gown, and the longest train yet. I believe this has produced a wonderful memory for the future.

      1. It was worth watching. I enjoyed the whole time, but I drew my family in when the wedding came closer. They slept in until about 15 minutes before it. I wanted my son to see History in the making. My husband is a preacher, but in college he majored in history. So you know he enjoyed the experience of seeing the wedding. I have never been to England, but you know, the wedding was well televised.

  2. I loved the Royal Wedding, and I thought it was so elegant! I also loved the preaching and the message! I pray for the newly wedded couple and that God blesses them!

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