Prayer Partners or Those Who Have All the Answers?

As I walk through different seasons of ministry, I will post a prayer request that I share with various pastor groups on Facebook. I did that last night and was blessed by the responses I read last night. They were encouraging. Some people gave some helpful suggestions, and they did so in the proper manner. Then came this morning….

I looked at Facebook this morning to see a comment from one who was quick to tell me what he observed from the church social media sites and what I needed to be doing. To keep from starting a public war, I sent him a private message and explained to him that he needed to know more about the context of our situation before offering his “solution” (without stating it this way). He toned down in his response but was still semi-omniscient in his response.

Here are some helpful thoughts when someone asks you to pray for them:

  1. Do just that – PRAY for them! Don’t say you’re going to do it and move on.
  2. Don’t try to fix the situation! Unless GOD gives you a word, just be there.
  3. When it is a public prayer request, privately address the person if you feel the need (not want) to speak.

I’m sure you could add to the list. Be the one who is a blessing rather than the one that the devil tends to magnify because he was the “minister” of discouragement. Come alongside. We all need somebody to lean on!

4 thoughts on “Prayer Partners or Those Who Have All the Answers?

  1. Amen, completely agree!! We should always tread lightly with grace, not judgment. I am working on catching up on blog posts from the community so you will be seeing a number of comments. Hope that’s okay!

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