A Modern Day John 8

Most people, if they are not familiar with what John 8 says when the reference is mentioned, they quickly remember and can quote the phrase “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. The setting consists of religious leaders ready to stone (kill) a woman who was caught in the act of adultery. Jesus comes on the scene, says some pretty convicting things to these religious hypocrites, and sends the lady off to “go and sin no more” after showing her the power of forgiveness.

The thing that I still wonder is the location of the man. Why was he not set beside her to await his death? He was equally guilty. Could he have been one of the religious chronies that the other guys defended? Maybe they were all guilty of being with this woman and didn’t want to harm their own reputations, so they were going to take her out?

This same excusing of the man is going on today in denominational politics. A key seminary leader who has been highly esteemed as a stalwart for conservativism punished a female seminary student for being raped while not punishing the male. He also told a woman to remain in an abusive marriage and forgive him while she took the beatings. The establishment continues to defend him and his chauvinism while many are calling for his resignation.

Put into a modern context of John 8, Jesus would have sent him walking as he did the religious hypocrites who were ready to kill this adulteress. Justice would have been served to the lady who was raped and the other who was physically abused.

This stuff must be reported. Way too much coverup is going on in religious circles. This is the law. A church or religious entity has no right to handle it privately. Someone has been violated, and proper measures must be taken according to the law.

To the ladies who have suffered spiritual abuse, I want to apologize for these who poorly represent Jesus. God gave you a voice, and you have a right to use it outside the church nursery or a children’s Sunday School class. Do not let religious chauvinists silence you! If you are a victim to this kind of abuse, please be heard. There are others who are afraid to speak, and your voice may give them the courage to rise up and heal from the shame forced upon them.

Image from jesuswalk.com

4 thoughts on “A Modern Day John 8

  1. Important message! I recently heard a woman speaking about the treatment of women in/by the church. She said we should look *better* on this issue than does the rest of the world and asked why we were not. Heartening to hear more voices on this issue.

  2. Preach it, preach it and preach ot again. Any predator who is abusing their spiritual authority in this way will answer to the highest authority in the future, but must be stopped today! This is addictive behavior, and will continue unabatex until revealed. Ladies, you must report any man who treats you unfairly. Be diligent!

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