When Will They Get Their Heads Out of the Sand?

Last night, I wrote about the leader of a denominational entity who has been very chauvinistic for many years and was removed from his position today after a 13-hour meeting. I’m thankful that these trustees saw fit to put a stop to this. The articles in response to this situation are shocking. One leader in a similar position asked if this was God’s judgment on the denomination and stated that he did not see this coming. Did not see this coming? Really?

How could this not be more obvious? The denomination has been in decline for several years. The number of salvations, baptisms, and those joining their churches has been on a slippery slope. Churches are plateaued or declining with some even closing. The excuses have been ridiculous to say the least, and few have wanted to face the facts for some time now. When you allow politics to take precedence over the Lord Jesus Christ, expect that a church or denomination will suffer. God will not bless that which does not bless Him.

It is time for these pastors and denominational leaders to get their heads out of the sand. Face the facts! Our enemy is not another church or pastor. We shouldn’t be grinding axes over those with whom we do not agree when our real enemy is the devil. Why are we not fighting the devil? Is it because the denomination fears that they might be labeled Pentecostal or Charismatic for fighting the real enemy?

Something has to change. Our nation isn’t the only group with a corrupt political system. Many have said that God will not bless America if America does not bless God. Replace the word “America” with “the church”. The same principle applies. Change begins with one person at a time. Will you do your part to pray against evil?

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9 thoughts on “When Will They Get Their Heads Out of the Sand?

  1. I am very familiar with this as live close by. I was shocked that the SWBTS board of trustees said it has appointed Patterson to the position of president emeritus, which includes compensation, after a 14-hour meeting. He and his wife will still be allowed to live on campus at the Baptist Heritage Center as “theologians-in-residence.”


  2. I I’m not familiar with the story for from what you have written Matthew I think this is a disgrace. But it is the way the church is going. Many churches are embracing the world and when they do that what do we expect but declined.

    They do need to get the head out of this sand but I don’t see that happening anytime soon unless the Holy Spirit comes in with a sweeping Revival. That is what I pray for.

    Be blessed

  3. Amen, Render to Caesar……! “Politics has not been poisoned. It is poisonous.” – G.K. Chesterton
    It has no place in the Church. If it is present, it comes by way of Satan.

    The first goal of every Christian pastor and Catholic priest is to save souls. That means doing the hard thing…..preaching about the dangers of sin. In that sin separates us from God. Each must take up his cross and follow Him.

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