Redefining the Blog’s Vision and Renewing My Commitment to My Readers

I read a blog this morning that made me think about the clarity (or lack thereof) in the vision and purpose of my blog. Furthermore, it has led me to renew my commitment to my readers.

When I began, it was a bit selfish. I wanted a voice since I no longer had a pulpit. I began to address several church-related issues by exposing major problems, and the blog began to grow. God went above and beyond my expectations. I aimed to have a few read. Today, I have close to 1,200 WordPress followers in addition to others who read from my other social media platforms.

Let’s get to the point. What is my vision?

  • That people may know the love of God that is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • That believers may be deepened in their faith to the point that the religious status quo will be challenged and religious politics will be called out for what it is.
  • That people will be encouraged as they struggle through real-life struggles.

What is my commitment to you?

  • To point out the truth while not beating you up. I care enough about you to share the truth in love and never want you to feel personally attacked.
  • To prayerfully give you answers to comments and issues that are close to your heart. This blog is not just a one-way conversation; it is a dialog which means you are more than welcome to contact me via email. I am a pastor, and I love God’s sheep and those who are yet to become God’s sheep.
  • To provide a safe atmosphere for all. If you do not agree with me, that’s okay. I can still love you and treat you with dignity and respect.

On this Memorial Day, many gave their lives because they had a vision in mind – our freedom. They sacrificed so much so that you and I could enjoy the liberty we do today. They had a commitment to their country and its leadership. May we be grateful today for those who gave their lives and pray for those families for whom the grief is still fresh.

8 thoughts on “Redefining the Blog’s Vision and Renewing My Commitment to My Readers

  1. I always enjoy and search your blog out Pastor Matthew. May God continue to bless you abundantly with a heart for His people and the wisdom to lead His flock.

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