Glory Be to the Yonce? Uh uh!

I know there are tons of Beyoncé fans out there. I will give some credit to her talent, but I make no apologies for not being among those who bow down in worship. A mass in her honor? Now a church? Some might say, “Well Jesus was a man who walked this Earth just like my girl Beyoncé.” Jesus died and was resurrected. I bet we won’t see that with Beyoncé. All I’m saying is that Jesus just might say to all the Beyoncé worshipers, “You must not know ’bout Me.” Just saying!

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9 thoughts on “Glory Be to the Yonce? Uh uh!

  1. Ha! Oh my goodness. Sometimes I am quite bedazzled by the Lord’s infinite patience and good humor with us. He is gracious where I am often just left shrieking, wut is wrong with you people? 🙂

  2. I use to listen to Beyonce all of the time before I received the conviction to no longer listen to secular music. What was revealed to me during my conviction was less about Beyonce and more about me. I idolized her to the point that I was pretty much worshipping her. We get so wrapped up in the world sometimes that even believers can look at simple things like this through rose colored glasses. What are her lyrics saying? If Jesus had the other headphone in His ear listening to the music you listen to would he be pleased? These are the things I have to remind myself of when I read books, watch TV, etc. I pray that she one day uses her talent to glorify the King of Kings instead of the king of air. Great and funny post. Pray all is well with you and your new extended family! God bless!

  3. It’s great that you can see good Matthew where I see none.
    I’m afraid Beyonce is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is leading the young, the old and now the church away from God.
    I urge everyone now who still thinks Beyonce is a force for good to google the lyrics to her song/ poem “Denial”.
    I would post them here but they are so blasphemous and so disturbing that I cannot.
    I’m sad to be the bearer of such grave news but I think everyone should be aware of exactly what we are dealing with here.

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