Mobile Church

I have been blessed by the number of people who follow my blog who have asked about our church plant as we go through this time of transition. I have received comments on here, Facebook private messages, and other forms of communication. What a blessing it has been!

As many of you know, we knew we would be looking for a new home by the first Sunday in June. Due to some problems with the air conditioning in our previous rented space, that began two weeks earlier. On May 20, we worshiped at a local park. On May 27, we worshiped in a photography studio. Two days ago, we worshiped in our home. This coming Sunday, we are going outside the walls to minister during what is typically “the worship hour”. We are most definitely a mobile church.

I had someone comment on our lack of stability on a Facebook page. Think with me for a minute. By this “expert’s” definition, the early apostles were not stable. They were constantly on the move. What could have been wrong with them? Just maybe they were obedient to the Holy Spirit. Let me give you a Revelation – We can still be obedient to the Holy Spirit today, even if that means carrying the church “to the least of these”.

Today, I was sharing about our people with someone from another church. I told her how God has given us people who are committed to Christ, the mission of Overcomers Church, and are willing to work. We have a strong core group. We have exciting things ahead of us. We are not trapped inside a traditional box but are eager to following the prompting of the Spirit, no matter how that looks.

If you heard that we gave up, you heard wrong. We are growing deeper into our vision and mission. Only eternity will reveal the fruit of what God is doing through this body of believers.

17 thoughts on “Mobile Church

  1. Awesome! I believe I would quite enjoy your church. It sounds exciting, closer to an Acts type church. When I think of you, I pray for your whole body of believers. Thanks for the update ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Amen, Matthew. Where I live we have pretty much discovered that many people aren’t going to come to “the church.” We have to bring the church to them. The mobile ministry of “church” is just what the disciples did.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m still praying you guys find a building. We all need somewhere to store all our junk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. For my walk With Christ it been very wired. my church home lost it youth department. i Gravitated to the Radio. then three years ago my go to Radio station i consider my church home went off the air. i got an night job so going to normal church is hard. since i get home at 5am . now this mobile Church is an cool idea!!

  4. I was going to ask about how things were going with your church. It sounds like you are waiting on the Lord, and uilizing whatever resources He has placed around you! That is really all that you can do and watch which door (or window) He opens next.

  5. I truly believe that this is what grounds the branches of Christ into the True Vine. When it is about Him and not location. You meet for the purpose of His glory.

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