Father’s Day Pain

Tomorrow is what we typically celebrate as Father’s Day. Although my dad despises talking on the phone, I will attempt to call him and will text if he is too stubborn to answer. For me, it will be a good day as most of my children are here. I will be missing one, but I will FaceTime him.

Tomorrow will be painful for others for various reasons. I know that it is traditionally demanded that the church do something to recognize this and Mother’s Day, but I choose to refrain. Families do this on their own. Here is why I do not highlight these days:

  • For those who cannot have children or who have lost children, it is a painful reminder. I do not feel that my calling is to rub salt in the wound.
  • Many are grieving the loss of a parent, and that grief is fresh. Our congregation is very sensitive to that, but many are not. I’m thankful that our people reach out to provide comfort.
  • Tomorrow may serve as a reminder of an absentee or abusive father. I do not want to parade as joyful what not everyone had the luxury of experiencing.

You may say that I am wrong for doing that. I spend more time making worship services about Jesus than about special occasions. Someone made the statement to me that every Sunday at his church was a big day. That didn’t mean that they had special entertainment every week. It meant that they put a special premium on making every service the best they could. That is my goal tomorrow. I pray for a special encounter with Jesus. May the people who worship with us tomorrow leave transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus Christ is lifted high in worship and the proclamation of the Word.


5 thoughts on “Father’s Day Pain

  1. Amen, Matthew. I like this very much! I think church is a special day all by itself and while there’s nothing wrong with celebrating holidays and special occasions, I just love the peace of worship, the refuge from the world and all our struggles.

  2. I started crying again yesterday. This is my first Father’s Day without daddy since he passed away in July. It is a tough holiday for me, but I am blessed to have the Lord to comfort me.

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