Lean on Me

This morning, I preached a message “Lean on Me”. It was inspired from recent events and the need for those within our church body to not walk alone through their struggles. In addition, those who are outside need to know that Overcomers is a no-judgment zone where people struggling with addiction, family problems, identity crises, and whatever imaginable can share their struggles and lean on us.

My focal verse was Galatians 6:1 where Paul speaks about how we can called to restore those who have fallen into sin. We want them stronger on the other side than they were when they stumbled.

We closed our service today with communion and the song “Lean on Me”. We played the old Bill Withers version. Not trying to be seeker-sensitive because the message of this song is so much greater than I realized. Pride often gets in the way of us being a place of refuge for the hurting.

I will conclude with a video of the song plus a message from Pastor John Gray. The message starts around the 15:00 mark.


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