How Is Your Church Handling Mental Health?

For many years, mental health issues have been taboo in churches. Those who do not understand are quick to say that it is a demon, a lack of faith, or a plea for attention among many other accusations. Few care to take the time to understand let alone try to offer a refuge for those who are struggling.

One of the bloggers I follow has had her world turned upside down as her son was diagnosed within the last year. God is expanding her influence and territory as a voice for those who struggle with mental illness. I encourage you to check out her website at May it deepen your understanding and desire to provide support.

7 thoughts on “How Is Your Church Handling Mental Health?

  1. I had a person tell me just the other day, “I don’t tell many people this, but I’ve been diagnosed with depression.” She obviously thought it was something to be ashamed of. I hope people can be made aware that there are many influences that contribute to mental illness, that have nothing to do with a person’s spiritual condition.

  2. Depression is still taboo to mention with most people. I battle it in waves every year..In my younger years medication fro a Dr. made it worse..there are those rare individuals and ministries that help. Worst advice I have received “you need to take care of that!”. more common is “I am the wrong person to talk to”. Most common “si there a sin you are struggling with?” I will check out that website. I have my own formula which works for me to “control” the beast when it rises up. My experience is the church in general only does well if a specific person in the church is able to help in giving resource direction.

  3. I’m late to this post but I would just like to say that the stigma surrounding mental health needs to end. I found out I was bipolar in 2008 and I was so ashamed that I refused to tell anyone for a little while. People have their thoughts on mental illness and I had a lady tell me that my faith wasn’t strong enough and that I wasn’t praying hard enough. Not true.

    I have decided to write a book on the struggles of being a bipolar Christian and that mental health and Christianity CAN coexist!

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