Church Money

I was recently asked about the question, “Where does a pastor’s salary come from?” I was a bit surprised by the question, but I answered that it comes through the tithes and offerings of the people. I explained that churches budget based on how much income they receive and designate it to each line item. So much goes to children’s ministry, so much to youth ministry, so much to daily operations of the church such as electricity, water, etc. The attitude in the room was almost that of “I can’t believe my money would go to the preacher.” As a pastor of a small church plant, I don’t make any money off the church and I still give. First and foremost, I give to the Lord. Second, I know that the ministry of Overcomers Church cannot function without tithes and offerings.

Many of us are recipients of church’s ministries. We attend Easter egg hunts, worship services, Vacation Bible Schools, and maybe even receive financial assistance in dire times. That money had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is from people who believed enough in the mission of the church to financially give to that ministry. They may have given a full 10 percent or just a few dollars, but they gave because they knew it would meet a need.

The next time we take our children to a church because of what their children’s or youth ministry offers, we should consider that someone’s financial sacrifice made it possible. Some say they cannot afford to give. Set a goal. Decide that you will give up your favorite coffee drink for a day and give that back to the Lord. He gave you His money anyway.

I know that many are leery of giving to churches because of the ones who have misappropriated funds. Many ministries across the country don’t waste God’s money on lavish things like $54 million jets. They give back to the community.

I hope this is a helpful post about how God uses what you give back to Him to invest in the spiritual condition of others. If you are uncomfortable with a ministry that doesn’t streamline and has a lot of overhead costs that aren’t going anywhere but to fancy buildings rather than the spread of the gospel, find somewhere that is investing in people rather than possessions. They do exist. Most importantly, remember that you are giving to the Lord and He honors that alone. It is an act of worship, so trust that He will use what you return to Him.

8 thoughts on “Church Money

  1. Amen, Matthew! Believe it or not, people actually need to know this stuff. It’s quite silly, but sometimes people think there’s some kind of special grant or something that pays for pastors, kind of just like roads and libraries are magically there. Other people think of pastors and see nothing but private jets and palaces.

    I know of two pastors who spent their entire lives never being paid at all, both just working on the side to support their ministry. Still others are actually at the food bank or being invited from home to home for food and shelter. It should not be like that, but sometimes it just is what it is. I often tell people that the well being of our pastors is really a reflection on the congregation.

    There’s also just something supernatural about tithing,about giving from that spirit of abundance. It just changes your mindset, your heart, your focus. It is good for us.

  2. “Freely ye receive, freely give.”
    🙂 giving is so important. Now that I’m finally earning money I’ve been starting to tithe and it’s so exciting! The church really does use the money for amazing causes.

  3. My wife and I have been faithfully tithing for years, 10% now, but with plans to increase that over time. No matter what the situation looks like, and it has looked grim at times believe me… we always give back to God first.

    Not to sound blunt, but people who use the excuse “I don’t know what that Church is doing with MY money” are wrong on many levels and should spend time reading their Bibles. First they don’t have ANY money that is “theirs” it is ALL Gods.

    Second, when you let go of that tithe you have to trust in God with the rest. This is an exercise in obedience. God doesn’t NEED Christians to be obedient, but He DESIRES Christians to be obedient, and will bless them abundantly when they are faithful.

    There is a sense of freedom, you can only get when you trust in God fully with your finances. It’s a shame more Christians will never experience this first hand.

  4. Your message is good. One thing I have to say is that a minister or pastor is not exempted from work. He has to find something doing.

    There is nothing like full time pastor as people claim. I’m a pastor but I don’t rely on anyone’s giving. Assuming they don’t give what would happen? Probably, I won’t have anything for myself. In modern ministry, ministers are advised to have source of income, that’s does not mean your work should affect your ministry.

    This is just my contribution. It’s not binding on anyone. Yet, there is truth in it.

    God bless you brother. May God give you more grace.

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