Well, I Took a Bath

I was reading through Matthew 23 and a thought came to me based upon how the religious people of Jesus’s day acted. They put such emphasis on looking the part. They were certain that looking clean was the same as being clean.

Think with me for a moment. Someone with end stage liver disease will show outward signs, specifically their color. This individual with end stage liver disease cannot take a bath and look any less jaundice than he did before the bath. He needs something to take place on the inside. That liver must be healed in order for the person’s color to be restored.

I don’t care how much you “go to church”, post Christian statements on Facebook, give to the poor, or speak fluent “Christianese”. None of these things will take care of the inner problem that you and I have had since birth. We need an inner cleansing from the inner problem of sin by the blood of Jesus. We must stop trying to get people to look “Christian” when they are not. I can tell people that I am African, but it must be in my DNA. Call out to Jesus and let His soul-cleansing blood become part of your DNA. He will heal your sin problem and be the remedy to our feeling that we have to earn God’s forgiveness. Just having a bath won’t cut it.

Image from dreamstime.com

4 thoughts on “Well, I Took a Bath

  1. This is so true! I agree how it’s not something that we can easily see but if you look closely the fruit will be evident as to whether they are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb or drenched in sin.

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