When You’re Half Asleep

Many times, I post on here close to bed time. I guess because the day is long, I am tired, and I fall asleep within 30 minutes of posting, I often forget what I post. (Praise God I didn’t have this blog when I took Ambience!) The next day, I wake up and see the notifications. The thing that God reminds me of is that no matter how little I have to bring to the table (even if it a half asleep mind), God still uses this to touch lives and bring Him glory.

You might feel like the widow who gave the last of her money which was a meager offering or the little boy who saw Jesus feed over 5,000 with his sack lunch. God always multiplies our feeble efforts for His glory.

Maybe you feel like you can’t be used of God. That is a lie from hell. Believe the truth that God created you for a purpose. You can bring you disabilities and sin and all kinds of things, and Jesus can make something beautiful of it. So, here’s to another bedtime post that God will use despite me.

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7 thoughts on “When You’re Half Asleep

  1. I love the truth in this! I often find myself doubting a post, either here on my blog or on my social media, yet the ones I re-read & re-edit & self-critique the most, are the ones which end up receiving the most feedback, or helping or encouraging someone else the most!

  2. I am right there with you. Some of my posts seem to just happen, and those are the ones that get a lot of positive feedback. All that I can say is that God worked through me.

    Dave Peever, of Live 4 Him, posted about Me, Myself, and I. We take the credit when things go well and we blame “us” when they fall apart.

    But there is always an “us”, me and God. So if things go the wrong way, guess who screwed it up. Little old me. Thanks for the reminder.

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