Opera Singer Epidemic

When I was in high school, I used to watch a show on Comedy Central called “Make Me Laugh”. Someone would sit in the hot seat while comedians would try to make that person laugh.

One particular comedian talked about how he dated an opera singer. The relationship didn’t work out because all she talked about was “Me Me Me”. I know it’s kinda corny, but I encounter too many of these people.

These people marry because it benefits them. They have children because it benefits them. They take a job meant to serve others and somehow make it about them. Here, I am calling it the “opera singer epidemic”.

I desperately wish there was a humility epidemic, where people gave because they loved others more than self. The kind that reflects the spirit of Christ as explained in Philippians 2. Jesus had any right to make people bow down, yet He made statements like how He did not come to be ministered to but to minister and give His life as a ransom for many. No “Me Me Me” present there!

Try something today. Count how many times you say “I”. This is not an exercise of condemnation. I (just used it) did that once and was blown away by how much I reference myself. At the end of the day, “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

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32 thoughts on “Opera Singer Epidemic

  1. A humility epidemic would be nice. Unfortunately, the human soul seems to have a natural immunity to it. The Holy Spirit is the cure, and it’s an ongoing, lifelong treatment plan.

  2. Wow! That’s a really cool insight. We have to find peace in ourselves and the only way to do that is to rest on God and on what we can do for His people😌✨

    1. Yes and a better perspective is that The focus needs to be with Him for others.
      I therefore challenge you to put on the Mind of Christ in the Bond of Peace being yoked with His desire and plan to save us.

      1. I believe we cannot reach others, and shine His light, if we do not have Him as top priority first. Nothing before Him, nothing beside Him.

      2. Yes, Only Him in us can the works be done through us that He set for us to do with Him, before the foundations of the Earth were set in place. Amen

  3. Really Matt? Because this blog article seems to be about you and those people who
    do those things. A little leaven causes the whole batch to puff up. Righteous indignation is the Number one killer.
    Please Let go and Let God for the Love of Jesus

      1. Helping our brothers and sisters get a better focus for correction is not casting stones to hurt them, It is casting life into the Life of the follower. Discerning fruits in our brothers and sisters and helping to give sight to the blind that they might see the apple on their own head is not judgement, it is Love.

      2. I Love you Matt, and I remember you because Yahweh remembers.
        Be Blessed to Be a Blessing my friend

      3. I would also like to point out that your approach is coming across with a critical spirit while simultaneously talking about grace. My first thought would be that you’re being extremely critical and judgmental because you are calling out my motives without knowing them. Only God knows my motives, and that is sobering in and of itself.

        My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would use what I write to open eyes also. To the best of my knowledge, it is okay for me to be alarmed and even straightforward about issues of the day. My goal is not to condemn but to inform.

      4. y heart is filled with Joy that the Lord is using me to help you see and to learn what Agape Love is.
        the Spirit you are feeling is of the Devils who wish for you to remain unchanged as you are and using you to deflect and accuse me of being anything but what I am and what I feel towards you.
        Necto Tenibris Spiritus Yeshua

      5. I Believe you and I also Believe that Iron sharpens Iron to a fine edge for the precision of our instruments in our delicate work in the Saints with the Lord.

  4. For the record Matt, I always have a silly expression on my face and a brotherly humorous smile when I read your Blogs. Sort of like having a younger brother tell me a far fetched story and me being amused by his adolescence. Love you Bro

      1. Yes, sorta kinda how Jesus must have felt as the younger brother of James, the same only different in their unique relationship as Siblings and the one being the older younger brother as Jesus was and Is and is to come.

        We need not bother with self importance or of the, taking ourselves so seriously that we separate ourselves from the Flock. There is only One Pastor, His Name is Yeshua and we are all His sheep.

      2. Yes kinda like Jesus feels with all of us. Just sitting back and letting us work it all out of our systems. Then when we’re all tired out, Bang He gets us in His Pocket for good. Lol
        There comes a time when we don’t like eating dirt anymore, So we stand up and leave the sandbox.

      3. Me too. The Grace is to teach us and the frequency changes for the better in time. A little Geology lesson I learned. Time, Pressure and rock forms Gems for His treasures. Here and the Here after. Amen

  5. I most certainly agree, and I also think the exercise is a good one to use! It can be very easy to get caught up in a “me” mentality, which is why we must always ask for conviction so we can remain selfless. This post was very needed, for selflessness is needed in 2018! God bless you! 🙂

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