Writing from Reaction

At this point in my life, I have a ton of things about which I would like to write. God will not let me write about them because it would be a reaction not a response. I cannot say I have always operated by this principle, but I am striving to at this moment.

It is so easy to vomit our feelings on social media. Those posts get attention, right? They do, but are they right? What should we do?

  1. Pray! Take it to God First.
  2. Consult the Bible.
  3. Follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Talk to godly people who will give you solid counsel.
  • These are some good guides to keep you from cleaning up behind yourself. Respond not react, especially when the world is watching.
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    7 thoughts on “Writing from Reaction

    1. Amen, but Guilty. I schedule my posts in advance whenever I can. I also have my wife read them before I even schedule them. Once or twice she has simply asked, “Really?” That means that I ranted more than my usual or stepped on someone’s toes. Once or twice, God has put a burden on my heart and I have deleted a post before the scheduled time and replaced it with something else.

      I love your concept of respond versus react. Thank you very much.

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