In the Stillness

Tonight, a storm came through our neighborhood and knocked down several trees, power lines, etc. While our house sustained no damage, other homes in the neighborhood did. Please be in prayer for those affected.

Part of the effects of the storm includes a power outage. So I am typing this on my cell phone app with no power. When the power is working, you tend to hear noises like the air turning on and off among other noises. There are none of those tonight. I do hear the cutting down of trees that are blocking our road off in the distance, but the stillness in the house is nice.

I am asking myself when was the last time I was still. I honestly don’t remember being still and enjoying the quiet. But I am right now. And I am reminded that I need to do a lot more of it. Would you join me in simply being still? You just might hear the sweet whisper of God’s Holy Spirit.

8 thoughts on “In the Stillness

  1. Amen, camping is good for that kind of stillness. After a while I went wild camping in the highlands of Scotland and I was so calm. I saw true beauty, it was like all of nature was singing God’s prasies.

  2. I like to just turn off all of the gadgets and be still. Itโ€™s amazing how quiet everything is, especially since we live in the middle of โ€œnowhere.โ€ When Hurricane Isabel came through, we were without power for eleven days…no water either since we have a well. Anyway, with our windows open,all we could hear was the sound of our neighborโ€™s generator. We went to bed early and arose early, when the birds started singing. We had busy days, going somewhere to take a shower and to the county distribution center to get water for the day, but the silence was a welcome difference from the way our life usually was. I will pray for you and your neighbors to be safe around the downed power lines and that the power will be restored quickly.

  3. In 2012 we had a power outage and it lasted about three days. It really encouraged me and made me aware of how much time I feel the pressure to fill with electronics. Take it away, and I felt relief and freedom. I’m thankful for power outages in the sense it reminds me to step away and get back to what is most important. God can speak quite clearly if we listen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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