Giving When It Hurts

As a pastor, I have never been huge on guilt trips for people to financially give. Our church does not pass a plate. It can make me a little nervous at times that we may not collect enough in a month to cover our expenses, but God has been faithful. We do not have an abundance, but we have enough.

Over the last week, I have seen a few examples of giving where it was sacrificial. I knew in these cases that what was given was not huge to some, but it was to them. I am sometimes contacted by people who read my blogs and ask about giving to the ministry but often state that they cannot give a lot. I always state that the amount does not matter because they are under no obligation to give. There is something beautiful about the heart that wants to give even when $5 may break the bank.

When I consider the price Jesus paid for my salvation, I can never repay Him but I give Him my life. I have often heard that God will not have your wallet until He has your heart. To those who blessed me by your example of sacrifice, you may not read this but I am thankful for your generosity. Little is much when God is in it!

7 thoughts on “Giving When It Hurts

  1. One of the hardest things to teach people is that when you’re broke, feeling down and out, one of the best ways to break free of that is to give. It’s a bit mysterious, but it often works. When we’re hanging on too tight to our crumbs, we have a scarcity mindset going on. We need to cultivate that sense of abundance because God multiplies from His abundance and not from our perceptions of scarcity.

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