“It sure would be convenient if there were no inconveniences”, said my lovely wife in relation to the power being out twice within the last 24 hours. We are back up and running, but there are lessons to be learned in such times.

Inconveniences are great teachers. By them we learn patience, character, and a ton of great qualities that are gained the hard way. But have we considered that inconveniences May be God’s way of protecting us? We tend to focus on how our whole schedule shifts because of a power outage, but we forget that God might be doing something we have never considered.

Inconveniences also reveal things about us that are less than attractive. The ornery, mean part of us is often revealed when things do not go our way. It is in these moments that we discover how selfish we really are.

The next time your power goes out or your car won’t start, try to see what God might be doing. Scripture says that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. As for God, His way is perfect (even if it is inconvenient).


7 thoughts on “Inconvenience

  1. Reminds me of all the people who said, “If it hadn’t been for [traffic, a late subway train, whatever], I’d have been in those towers,” after 9/11 — and these Ladytron lyrics: Anything that may delay you Might just save you.

  2. In February of 1994, there was a monster ice storm that ripped through many southern states. We were in NE Mississippi at the time. We had a house in the backwoods that was all electric. We were the next to last house on a road that was not populated very much. So when trees broke the powerlines in about 5-6 places, we were a lower priority, considering almost all of northern Mississippi went dark. For three weeks, I brought the propane stove into the living room, opening windows of course. We cooked supper, heated water for bathing, and then we pulled the stove to the front porch, closing the windows. We then played board games at the dining room table before hopping into sleeping bags in the living room that was made warm while cooking. The boys, their mother, and I remember those three weeks fondly. There was togetherness, if for no other reason but to conserve body heat. Your post yesterday, or the day before, we had no distractions due to the silence.

  3. Amen, we should always follow the Spirit’s prodding’s. It isn’t always for another’s benefit but can very well be for our protection. When I was little, there was two ways I could take to school. One morning I felt that Mom should drive down one way more than usual. She dismissed the feeling and went the other way. A semi hit our car and could’ve killed us. I remember the wheel turning just in time. It all could’ve been avoided

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