You Can’t Always Prepare

I must make a confession. I love sweet tea. It is pretty much an addiction. I make a pitcher almost daily.

Well, my wife decided she would replace my sweet tea with one of her mineral supplement drinks that is colored very similar to tea. I knew I was taking a risk by taking a sip because our electricity had been out, but nothing could prepare me for the taste of that stuff.

My first thought was how the tea was ruined by the power outage. The tea was placed in a separate container and was fine. She was conveniently standing in the kitchen to watch me sip on the tea and immediately spit it into the sink and pour the rest down the drain. I wondered why she so willingly offered to drink it. Now I know.

Many things in life blindside us. No amount of preparation could get us ready for what is coming our way. Some things are pleasant while others feel like a sick joke.

While we may not be prepared for these happenings, God is not taken by surprise. He knows before it happens and has a plan for it. He will ultimately us the surprises of life for our benefit.

Life may not seem fair or good at the moment, but God is at work. Suffering precedes glory. So try to be spiritually prepared for life’s battles. When you can’t prepare, God will give you grace.

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