Comparison Is a Liar

I must admit that the devil has been beating me up pretty good this week. God is giving clarity to the direction of His church, but the devil has been whispering lies. For clarification purposes, I am not hearing voices. This is not audible. All of these thoughts are being hurled toward me. God may be allowing me to be transparent with you because you are struggling with this comparison thing too. Let me expound on comparison.

  • Comparison tells you that you are not good enough. But what is the standard? Other people. Should they be? No! The devil wants me to compare myself to other pastors. The truth is that someone will always preach better, lead better, innovate better, minister better, but I am not called to be a Charles Stanley, T. D. Jakes, or anyone else. I’m Matthew Winters, and I am called to be the best one I can be under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  • Comparison will have you feeling like a failure. In the church world, it’s all about having the best youth program, children’s program, worship team, facilities, and number of butts in the seats. If you lack these things, the devil wants you to feel like a failure.
  • Comparison misdirects focus. Instead of focusing on Christlikeness, church size, charisma, and prestige become the focus among many other things. I can have all the best programs in the world, but they aren’t worth squat if they are not producing disciples.
  • How is the devil using the lie of comparison in your life? Maybe you’ve been single longer than you think you should, so you’re comparing yourself to the looks of other men or women. What’s beautiful or handsome to one is not to another, so the comparison is just someone’s opinion. Are you measuring success by what you don’t have? You may have little because you choose to work for what you have rather than go in debt. Good for you! It is foolish to buy a camper because you’re trying to keep up with the family down the road. Comparison of this sort is hatched out of hell.
  • With all that said, I hate comparison. And I am going to refuse to allow it to steal my joy. I will send it back to hell from whence it came and choose to walk in who God called me to be. As long as it pleases the Lord, no one or nothing else really matters. Please God not people and kick comparison to the curb!
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    11 thoughts on “Comparison Is a Liar

    1. Wow … truly shocked at not only how timely this is, but right on target !! Days, weeks, months now have been nonstop back to back battles and this comparison thing the prime weapon. Thank you for this. Truly interesting read sir…

    2. Matthew I really was blessed with the message about comparison you’re right everybody tries to compare who they are what they do what they got and they don’t realize that God-made us just the way we are if we can only get the concept of that life would be a whole lot better and people would be At liberty to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth thank you for posting that message it has truly inspired me and many others.

    3. Wow. I really REALLY needed to read this today. Thank you for helping me to see that the petty competitive showboating where I work isn’t there to spotlight how much I suck in comparison, it’s really just you-know-who taking a stroll out of hell with fifteen minutes to kill. Get thee behind me, S. And let me drop kick you back to where you belong.

    4. Why do we all do it to ourselves??? Each of us was fearfully and wonderfully made to fulfill our own destiny; to reach the people each of us was specifically made to reach and to minister to the ones He has for us to minister to. We all need to learn it’s all about God’s plan and not our individual ones (yes, I’m reminding myself along with others!)

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