These last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. God has taught me and reminded me of some things that helped get me back on track. I want to share those with you briefly and pray that maybe God will use these to give you hope.

  1. Christian unity among during ethnicities is possible. I am not giving up on the fact that ethnic diversity WILL become reality for Overcomers Church.
  2. The devil is always fighting a move of God. He keeps forgetting that God is greater and that he is limited.
  3. Unity is a beautiful move of God that I do not take for granted. The journey of Overcomers Church has taken many twists and turns, and my core group has been there through it all. I love these people, and their perseverance and belief in the vision is unmistakable.
  4. Counsel from Christian brothers and sisters is a must for growth. Even I, as a pastor, need this. I am not above it. I received an email this week from a Christian brother and friend who was concerned and delivered the truth in love. It gave me some clarity that I needed. Don’t despise counsel from people. It is for your good!
  • Life is not easy, but God’s grace is more than enough for the journey. He is so good to us, even when we stumble and try to get through life on our own. No matter where the twists and turns of life take me, I am blessed!
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    2 thoughts on “Lessons

    1. So important that we have each other and can uplift each other be in it person, on the internet, or simply in prayer!! Praise the Lord for moving and directing your steps!

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