Strike One…You’re Out!

The last time I checked, it took 3 strikes to get you out in baseball. Not in life. I have noticed this, especially in small town life, that some may be quick to write you off over one wrong thing you did rather than the hundreds of things you may have done right. The same exists in all places, but it is easier to have notoriety in a small town. Date a playa, and you are automatically labeled a loose female. Get mad at the town gossip, and they will let everyone know how hateful you are.

I’m glad God isn’t that way! He doesn’t withhold love from you over one sin. Does it affect your fellowship? Yes. But God will not write you off and consider you useless over one thing. God doesn’t hold grudges, but He is a just God who punishes sin when we continue in it.

If you are spending your life with a long list of people you have written off because of one thing you didn’t like about them, be set free in Jesus’ name! God does not want you living in bondage to a Pharisee spirit. Reverse the picture for a minute. Someone may have written you off for one thing you have done. Wouldn’t you want the same grace and mercy from others that God extends to you?


4 thoughts on “Strike One…You’re Out!

  1. Thank you for this. I was recently “wronged” by someone and have contemplated how to handle it. I’ll be sure to give this person another shot…even though it’s so painful!!

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