Latest Overcomers Church Update & Prayer Requests

When I shared the last update with you, we were facing a potential option for a facility but it was not meant to be. We did meet with that church for 2 Sundays, and God showed us that a partnership was not in His plan. We did get to see the beauty of ethnic diversity within these services and got to enjoy things like a sound system and a facility more conducive for worship.

Our return to our current facility gave us clarity. What did we learn, and where do we seek to improve?

  • We were reminded that we have a VERY unified church. Our core group is phenomenal. I am blessed to lead this precious group of people.
  • We were reminded that kingdom work can be accomplished outside our walls. Three boys within one family gave their life to Christ through the ministry of another church. Their dad had the privilege of baptizing them this past weekend.
  • Because of these new believers and our desire to see all people grow, we have strengthened our commitment to discipleship. God has blessed us with someone in our core group who is called to ministry and will be on unpaid staff (like me the lead pastor) as the pastor of discipleship and administration. We are excited about this.
  • We are committed to finding workers to fill the voids in leadership of youth, children, worship, and first impressions. We have a great base for our worship ministry but would like to add singers and instrumentalists to that. We also need people to serve over media.
  • We are committed to greater organization and communication. We want everything to be done decently and in order.


  • For God to send us leaders for these ministries. I know that there are people hanging out in churches or sitting on the sidelines whose gifts are not being utilized. My commitment to refrain from “sheep stealing” still remains, but I will not turn away someone who is being drawn by God’s Spirit to help a new ministry get off the ground.
  • For God to give us direction regarding the facility we rent. As I mentioned, it is not most conducive for worship. This past Sunday, we saw that there is not much room for growth. Our next option would almost cost triple what we pay now.
  • For God to provide funding. Many church planters go into it with supporting churches, a core group with the big bucks, and many of the resources with which to launch. Based on studies, we are still at the pre-launch stage. We meet weekly, but we long for more. If God would lead you to give, you can click on the following link: We are so thankful for those who follow this blog who have already given. I cannot express my appreciation enough. We are very transparent about our stewardship, so please do not hesitate to ask questions about how we use God’s resources.
  • For God to save the lost, for new believers to take the next step of baptism, and for people to become surrendered followers of Christ through Overcomers Church. We long for a fresh anointing of God’s power and know that nothing can be done apart from Him.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We want God to make an eternal impact, and it cannot be done apart from prayer.


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