Transparency Is Ugly

This has been a difficult week for me. My first instinct was to refrain from posting, but then I receive a nudge telling me that someone just might relate. Someone might be having a tough week at work. Some pastor might be ready to quit. Someone battling an illness may be sick of fighting. Someone may be battling negative emotions and have been told to hide reality with a fake smile. I chose this week to refrain from doing that. There is nothing worse than a fake pastor, and I don’t want to be in that category.

Depression and negative thoughts come with the territory for many of us. The important thing is that we should not camp out there. We should be pushing through to see God’s goodness in the midst of our pain. Praying through the storm. Praising through the tears.

It’s okay to be real. If that real you is toxic, don’t stay there. The point of exposure is to correct the problem. Let people see where you are so they can speak life (and correction when necessary) to help you be a better follower of Christ.

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7 thoughts on “Transparency Is Ugly

  1. I used to think this way too that God was good and he was doing something but that actually upset me because if God is God, why is he OK with evil. Theology aside, it’s helped me to be in therapy whether I believe in God or not. Mostly because I have learned to reframe my thoughts. I can’t wrap my head around what God is doing and that it’s good but whatever I’m doing is still meaningful not hexause of the result, but because of the effort. Maybe that’s selfish but it’s easier for me to wrap my head around than God caring for me while still letting me suffer. But I don’t claim to get him at all anymore. So take it for what it’s worth.

      1. The story of Job is one that has perplexed me for ages because he gives Satan permission to hurt job and destroy his family. That right there confused the heck out of me. But I know what you mean. I’m not saying I know anything. I just don’t get God and there is so many different interpretations of the Bible that I just throw my hands up in the air and give up.

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