What’s the Focus Now?

After yesterday’s announcement that I stepped away from the church plant, people have wondered what I will do. Some may have thought I have backslidden. I’ll save you some gossip and let you know that God and I are doing fine.

I find it interesting that my passion for writing quickly returned after I made my announcement. The blog will pick back up and maybe I will get to the book that has been in my heart for some time.

My family has not gotten the best of me for some time. I am thankful that I can slow down and give them the time they need.

I hope to read again. After achieving my degrees, I got sick of reading. I pray that my desire to read will reignite.

I plan to manage time better and really make my time count. I want to find the passion once again to hear preaching, read Scripture, and worship without it turning into a planning session for the upcoming Sunday. I just want to hang out with Jesus. I need quality time with Him just because.

My final plan is to let God shape me into what HE wants me to be rather than what I feel pressured to be. God did not call me to conform but to be transformed (Romans 12:1, 2). God does a better job at shaping me than I do myself.

I want to call you to action. What is it about your life and schedule that needs to change? It’s in your hands. What will you do about it?

9 thoughts on “What’s the Focus Now?

  1. I understand having to change things around in scheduling, for just today, I had to switch things around due to having too much on my plate. Sometimes, we have to take a few steps back in order to go a few steps forward, but God is always there and His promises never end!

    God bless you, and I hope you have a wonderful Monday evening! 🙂

  2. I want to do more art, more writing, and more taking care of myself. That seems utterly selfish, but in the end, it’s actually a good thing because then I’ll able to give from a place of fullness instead of emptyness.

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