Sanctified Seats

As I have encountered churches over 20 plus years of ministry, the problems vary. Among the most immature of those problems is what I call “sanctified seats”. These seats have been graced by the posteriors of the same people for many years and will rise in revolt to other posteriors that would disgrace these sanctified seats.

I was asked to be a guest worship leader in a church a few years ago. The building seats 1,000 with only 200 in attendance. Although there was obviously plenty of room, one of these nearsighted “saints” chose to ask my son to get out of her “sanctified seat” rather than be thankful that guests were attending a service.

This morning, I was blessed to see the opposite. If you are on time or late to one of our church’s services, you will have a difficult time finding a seat. A couple had come to support the guest pastor and arrived at the beginning of his message. A couple got their attention, moved over, and gave this couple a place to sit.

You may not see the significance in this. You may be blessed to attend a house of worship where people aren’t territorial. A place where they don’t have “their” pew or some family claim to a room in the building.

Houses of worship in the Old Testament were not people’s territory. They were a place where God’s glory dwelt. In the New Testament, God’s presence indwells the believer in the person of the Holy Spirit. The church is not the house of worship but blood-bought believers assembled together wherever that may be.

If you are claiming territory at your place of worship, repent now. Scripture says that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. That means the piano you bought for “the church”, the pew you donated to “the church”, etc. It is an offering to the Lord to which you and I have no rights. So next time you sit down to worship, remember those seats are not sanctified. They are just material to keep you off the floor. Thank God and turn your attention toward Jesus!

Photo from Gunder Church Furniture

16 thoughts on “Sanctified Seats

  1. Two other contenders for most damaging church behavior is 1. the judgmental eye and 2. the not rocking the boat to correct bad behavior. This last one I recently fell victim to. I was asked to be the kids choir director, got two songs just about ready, and a new dictatorial worship intern came on board and cancelled kids being able to sing in front of the congregation and my protests were met by wimps not wanting to rock the boat and letting him try new things. No thought to kids and it is pretty important to have a healthy, happy place for kids to learn about Jesus. There are plenty of opportunities for reform in God’s kingdom. I think this begins with prayer and fasting of the church body as a whole and then doing the right thing collectively. Call me optimistic, but this was the original plan and I believe God’s designs are best always. Really cool there are at least two families represented here wanting to revive and prepare Jesus’ bride for His rapture. More would be even better!๐Ÿ˜„โค

  2. My grandma had 7 children and if any of the children made them late for church it never mattered…
    because she would march the ENTIRE family down the center aisle to the FRONT PEW!!!!
    No one ever wantEd or fought for that pew, except for my grandma๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. In India, many followers of Christ don’t have church building. They gather in huts, shades, homes or house. They usually don’t have chairs so they are sitting on the floor. Many of them will be very happy to sit down for many hours without grumbling. They have found that good place and no one can take it away from them. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for giving opportunity to share my thoughts.

      1. Yes Mathew. They are so happy to squeeze in a small place just to be with the Lord. I remember preaching in a place where more than 30 people were gathering regularly. There was no room for some. The size of the room was 3ร—3 metres. They were so happy to learn spiritual truths. I have also preached in large morden churches. I found more hunger in the poor people as compared to the rich. That’s the reality. We have to live with it. Thanks for sharing once again.

  4. G’day Matt, thanks for taking the time to share this.

    Your post is really good and I really like the last 2 paragraphs. A great reminder which we always need and the opportunity to repent which is essential in the Christian journey.

    Crazy how they asked your son to move!

    Peace to you dude

  5. Amen! At my home church I know many have certain spots where they usually sit, but thankfully I’ve never really encountered anyone having issues if their “spot” was taken. But I know it happens, and you’re right if not a physical seat it could easily be something else. Thanks for bringing this up!

  6. We jokingly call them “unassigned assigned seats” just short of the early church that used to pay for a family pew! The church I’m in now is much better at finding alternate seats and rejoicing that we have visitors than my last church or several I’ve visited lately!

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