Who You Say I Am

If you know Christ as your Savior, this post uses the Bible to tell you who you really are. God loves you more than you will ever know.

His eye is on the sparrow

Who I am in Christ | Who you are in Christ

Our identity in Christ. Eternal. Forever. Everlasting. By the decree of Almighty God and Father. Adopted in Christ through faith in Christ. It is finished. Written in the book of Life for all eternity.

 This song is about freedom. Free from the tyranny of self, free from the opinion of doubters, set free from the chains of our past and the hopelessness of life without God. Gods kindness has brought us in from the outside and made us royalty. Gods truth over us is final. Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves what God says over us.
(I am)You are chosen – 1 Thess 1:4.
(I am)You are called of God – 2 Tim 1:9.
(I am)You are being changed into His image – 2 Cor3:18.
(I am)You are a new creation – 2 Cor 5:7.

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