The Importance of Congregational Singing

When I am not ministering somewhere, my wife and I typically arrive to the worship service right on time or a few minutes late. With that said, we most often have to get seats in the back because of the size of our family and the fact that most people at our church want to sit closer to the front. It is not your typical church.

After spending over 20 years in church ministry, I can tell you a lot about a church by its singing. I have been in places where funerals have been more lively in comparison. I have attended some places where the “worship” is nothing more than a glorified rock concert where thousands of spectators fill the seats. At our church, I noticed something different. A few weeks ago, I sat on the front row just a few seats down from our pastor. He’s more into it than everyone else (and that really is saying a lot).

As I sat on the front row that day, I could hear voices loudly singing the praises of our God. I enjoyed stopping for a minute just to listen. This is a sign of a worshiping church. The atmosphere was one of bringing an offering of praise and also an expectancy to hear from Heaven. We did both.

Want to test the spiritual temperature of the believers in your church? Measure it by their praise. I’m not necessarily speaking of the quality of the music but the passion of the praise. That may make some people mad, but it is just my observation. You might want to check out and see how the Scripture confirms this. I promise that you will find something.


6 thoughts on “The Importance of Congregational Singing

  1. I love to sing, although I can’t carry a tune very well. The Lord knows I am singing for Him. At the early service in our church, we have a small choir. Yesterday, two young boys, about age 7 years old, stood up in front of the congregation and sang with the most enthusiastic, beautiful voices. I could imagine God smiling as He watched these two sweet boys sing for Him.

  2. Now this speaks volumes. You’re right when the pastor is more into it than everyone else that’s a good sign that the leader is setting the expectation of what worship should be like.

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