The Lord Gives

This blogger’s post resonated with me because of times in my life when God graciously provided people I needed. I encourage you to stop by her blog and read several of her posts. I believe her story and presentation will be a blessing.

Speak for the Unspoken

This Thanksgiving season, I am going to attempt to articulate my gratitude through a blog entry. Something I have never done, but plan to do each year.

This year I have experienced my prayers being materialized, far beyond what I could ever have imagined. This is my “Oceans” prayer. This song is very personal and intimate between the Lord and I.

For many years, I asked the Lord to give me a family and a place of belonging. A place to call home and hang my heart. The cry of my spirit was for the Lord to take me places my feet would never wonder.

41 years, never married. No children. No siblings. Loneliness, I was highly acquainted with. I recall many times, praying like Hannah. (1 Samuel 9-16). Prayers that cannot be articulated in words. Only tears. Hannah longed for a son. I longed for a husband and…

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