Worship Around Tables

Many of you know I am in transition once again as I stepped away from the church plant. We returned to our previous place of worship until God sees fit to reassign. Meanwhile, we take open doors to minister as God opens them.

Today, we were at our home church. We walk into the worship center to see long tables with our regular chairs around them. My first thought was, “Pastor Josh is getting ready to fund raise.” Then I saw the communion elements on the table and began to realize what was happening. We were going to partake of the Lord’s Supper around a table in a similar fashion to the way it was done the first time. We sang, we prayed, we partook. It was a beautiful experience. I hugged the pastor and thanked him for the most unconventional service I have ever attended.

I would share the message he preached, but it has not yet been posted. It is so on point that I will share it within the next few days. For now, I will close with a couple of songs that played through my mind as he wrapped up the message.


9 thoughts on “Worship Around Tables

  1. Love it, Matthew! One of my favorite things is the “unconventional,” which just so happens to be very conventional indeed, as in doing exactly what the early church so often did. 🙂

  2. Are you familiar with the idea that the gospel was designed to be shared around the table? The early church didn’t meet in big purpose-made buildings, they met around people’s dinner tables and shared the gospel over food and wine. The more I delve into it the more I think this is how we should be doing “church” – spending time eating and sharing with one another and with our neighbours.

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