Jesus at the Grocery Store

Before I go further, I must clarify that I did not hallucinate nor did I see a man of Hispanic origin whose name is spelled like our Lord when I went to the grocery store tonight. My wife sent me to the grocery store to pay someone for essential oils (and all the essential oil-using women coo😀). I didn’t realize that a group was having an oil party. I know two of these ladies well, and the host invited me to sit down with them because this grocery store also has a coffee shop inside. I sensed the Lord wanted me to stay, so I did.

God’s word to me for the night was how much more my wife and I need Christian community. Yes, we attend church services. Our current hectic lives leave little room for interaction outside that. I am personally craving the fellowship. Two of the ladies and their husbands have been friends of ours for a few years now. One lady gave me some confirmation I needed.

My automatic response is to avoid grocery stores. I despise them. I am, however, glad I stayed and experienced this divine appointment. For those of you who hate stores as much as I do, slow down enough because God may be telling you to linger so He may speak into your life.


3 thoughts on “Jesus at the Grocery Store

  1. I don’t like shopping, so I am not crazy about going to stores unless there is something specific that I want. But, we have to eat, so we have to shop for the food so we can eat.

    Yet, I totally identify with you about divine appointments. Sometimes I think God puts it into my mind to go to a store or to a restaurant or to a mall because he has a divine appointment for me there.

    I also get what you mean about needing fellowship. We can easily meet together with other believers in Jesus and never experience true Christian fellowship. In fact, I find it rare these days that other Christians even know what it is to fellowship together in the Spirit or that they even want such a thing. I find far too often that Christians talk about the same things as non-Christians talk about, and that is very sad. Their minds are all caught up with the things of this world and not with God’s kingdom.

    And, so it has been such a blessing to me to find this community of Christian bloggers who want to talk about Jesus and about their walks of faith. It is wonderful that we are able to encourage one another in our walks of faith, too.

      1. Ditto, for sure! I didn’t, either. In fact, I blogged for a while before I discovered this community on here. And, I had been praying and asking the Lord for Christian fellowship for a while, and then the door just opened up here, and it has been wonderful!

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