Allow Me To Introduce Myself

If you are not following this new blog, I encourage you to read this post where JayWill introduces himself and what God is doing in the life of him and his family. He and I are both in the same state doing similar work for the Lord. I know God will use JayWill’s posts to be a blessing.

Theology On The Block

“When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock…… Kick it in, smile and introduce yourself.” -Dwayne Johnson

So after five blogs and multiple conversations started I’ve realized I never took the time to introduce myself. So allow me a moment of your time to do so. My name is Jarrian Wilson but all of my friends call me JayWill (one word, two capital letters) and I consider you guys my friends 😃. I’m a Christian if you haven’t realized that from my blog post so far lol. A huge theology nerd and book lover. A local Urban Gospel Artist in South Carolina. I have been living as an urban missionary in the 29203 area of Columbia since 2012. Featured in a few short films. Also served on multiple podcasts as host and co-host (Freethinkers Radio) (Urban City Radio) (Columbia Metro…

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