Looking Past the Differences

While I was trying to sleep, I was awakened at 1:00 am by a news text that Former President George H. W. Bush died. As I began to think about his death this morning, I began to think about how some will celebrate his death while others who did not like him as a president will look past the differences and realize that a family and even a part of this nation grieves his passing.

He became president during a tough time. He followed on the coattails of President Ronald Reagan, and people were possibly expecting more from him than they thought they received when the next election came. In 1988, people were not so enamored with Michael Dukakis but many found themselves mesmerized by the fairly young Bill Clinton.

Transitions in leadership can often be ugly. I think this letter I will share at the end proves that George H. W. Bush had the welfare of our country in mind rather than playing party politics and cut-throat games. May God give us more men and women who look past differences for the greater good and also, during this time, to be sensitive to those who mourn.

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