The Pain of Surrender

I sit here this evening and ponder the issue of surrender. I do not quickly surrender (at least when it matters most). For me, surrender is painful. I have these dreams and desires that I would like to see fulfilled, but what if I am convinced that my will is God’s will when it really isn’t? Am I willing to lay it down and still be content? Will my joy hinge on the fulfillment of my plans, however “spiritual” they may be?

In the book of Genesis, God promised Abraham a son. After more waiting than Abraham wanted to do, God gave him Isaac. Later, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Imagine that. God asks you to sacrifice something you cherish – this long awaited blessing. What would you do? Say no? Bargain with God? What is your Isaac? Are you willing to lay your Isaac down?

May God bring us to the place where we can say like the songwriter, “All my plans and earthly desires, I lay them down to follow You.”


10 thoughts on “The Pain of Surrender

  1. It really is painful. I surrendered my most cherished desire in early 2018. Then to my amazement, shortly following that surrender he gave me the greatest desire of my heart. Only he exceeded it. He gave me a family. I have waited 42 years for this. It’s my story of wondering for 40 years and delivered to my land of promise.

  2. It truly is painful. I surrendered my deepest desire to him in early 2018. To my amazement, shortly after he gave me the everything I surrendered. Only he exceeded it. He gave me belonging and family. My story of 4o years of wondering. 42 years of waiting. Promise to be fulfilled on April 6, 2019, I’m becoming Mrs. Janelle Hall. I still feel like it’s a dream. Worth every once of pain, tears and waiting.

  3. It comes down to whether we see the Father’s heart or not. For many years, I did not trust his goodness. Only now am I starting to sense his approachable, loving attention when I pray. He may not answer the way I wish, but if we knew his heart for us, perhaps it would no longer be about the answer at all.

  4. Personally it’s very hard to lay out my life to God. It’s a daily battle! But what comes to those who wait is always better than what we have planned. We have to learn to trust God! 🙌🏼

  5. I have a hard time laying down everything for God! I can admit that I fail at it frequently, but I am definitely trying my best! It’s a very big struggle in my life but I’m improving slowly.

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