Screams from a Pastor

This blog is called “Honest Thoughts from a Pastor”, so I will give you some more honesty. People more frequently see the public part of a pastor’s work and assume that he has it made, but life behind the scenes can be crazy. Sometimes, I want to scream. So do you, so don’t lie! Last night was one of those nights.

As a father of a blended family, we have 4 kids who are in the house full-time. Each one is precious, but each one is also human. He or she tests our limits as parents and does things that elicit screams. Last night, it was as if even the babies conspired to all be a bit testy.

We all want to scream when kids are testing us, we are experiencing those marital disagreements, along with the overall challenges that life brings. How quickly do we take those screams to God? He invites us to cast ALL our cares upon Him. That includes the screams.

The next time you face the frustrations of daily life, just talk to God. You will be amazed at how your perspective will change.


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