New Beginnings

I sit here typing as I look out the glass doors and see the sun. In Upstate South Carolina, it is a refreshing sight after lots of rain. I’m not complaining about the rain, but Karen Carpenter was accurate when she sang “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”

As I have shared before, the Winter months are difficult as seasonal depression hits me. But I look today and think about Spring. In a few short days, Spring will be here. I am already seeing signs of what was dead coming back to life. Yes, the pollen will hit me. I will probably have to pop a Benadryl here and there, but I am thankful to see signs of new life.

I also think about how appropriate it is that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ during the Spring. He was dead, but He conquered death and is STILL ALIVE! Because He lives, we can have life eternal. How awesome is that?!?

I know life is busy, but slow down to see the signs of new life around you. Slow down to take in the breeze. Slow down to view the flowers in bloom. Slow down to listen to the sounds of God’s creation. You will be glad you did.


15 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Google “oregano oil benefits.” God put things in the ground for a reason. 😉 I haven’t had seasonal allergies since 2014 thanks to oregano oil capsules.

  2. Thanks for sharing the glorious tulip photo! Makes me eager for our garden club trip to the tulip fest in May. Does anything help with your seasonal depression? I’ve heard vitamin D and light therapy can help; there’s a lot of winter doldrums in my area of the country. I’ll pray healing for your seasonal allergies; creative ideas to help alleviate these things you deal with. The Lord showed me a lot of my allergy symptoms are from wheat & dairy and I’ve found foods that cause inflammation in my body which has helped alleviate many of my body ailments. Of course, growing in understanding and relationship with the Lord has definitely helped!

  3. How wonderful to know you are in S.Carolina and experiencing sunny days once again. When it’s right, God Blesses. We sold our home in less than 4 hours after I posted it on Zillow. Our items sold one after another on FB Market Place and we will be living in northern Florida in less than 2 weeks, God Willing. No more gloomy Ohio days, .although I will miss the many friends who supported us. Hopefully I’ll be back to posting on my blog within a month. While waiting we found a lovely church here who showed a real Christian Spirit and follows Scripture instead of wanting a country club church. God is always Good and He is Faithful to those who follow Him, may He always be praised. Psalm 113:3

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