This Is A Story All About How (Skipping Chronological Order)

Because today is a special anniversary, I will skip a part of my story that I will pick back up in the next post. Today marks the 22nd anniversary of when I surrendered to the call to ministry. It was a call I fought knowingly for two years. That day was a game changer. I have never been the same.

What events in your life were game changers? I would love to hear from you.


6 thoughts on “This Is A Story All About How (Skipping Chronological Order)

  1. My game changer was a prayer my grandad prayed for me on his death bed. A few hrs before he passed and imparted a his gift for writing. Not by any means do I class myself as a writer but before this I would have broke out in a sweat writing a birthday card.
    So I had to take that to God and ask what was this for..
    And here I am blogging away sharing about my adventure with God and encouraging other with my honest account. Hopefully having a positive influence on others.
    Most of all just stepping out in faith and following God direction for my life.

    Congratulations on 22 years. Praying your ministry goes from strength to strength as you continue in your calling in leading others too,and glorifying the mighty name of jesus!

  2. Taking a class called “Literary Study of the Bible” was a game changer for me because, despite being raised in church, I read more of the Bible than I ever had, and the power of the Word did not leave me unstirred. That was Fall 2017–when I truly began to understand the difference between a church goer and a disciple of Jesus–my heart started changing and the Lord started pruning me of my political obsession and a lot of my general worldliness.

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