For the last several months, I have posted a lot less than normal. Honestly, I’m in a season where I don’t feel like I have much to give in the area of writing. I could flood this blog with worthless posts, but I don’t see any use in wasting my time or yours. I sit down with the intent of writing, only to find myself reading the writings of others. To put it simply, it is time I refuel my tank.

Many of us spend so much time giving of ourselves that we do not refuel the tank. We do not take the time to feed our minds and souls. It is important that we take that necessary time. So, I find myself more frequently taking the listen to listen (or in this case read) what God gives others. That’s the joy of the blogging experience. Time would not allow me to name the many great bloggers who bless me with their content. I’m so thankful.

Is your tank empty? Do you find yourself with little to give? It might be time to refuel.

14 thoughts on “Refueling

  1. Matt,
    When I first started writing I felt the same. Trying to come up with ideas or topics to write about. Now, I removed the stress. I simply wait for an idea or inspiration. It can come from anywhere. A comment or thought from another. From a Sunday sermon. Or a quote in reading. Or a line in a movie. When the idea comes I thank the Holy Spirit. For Christ left us this Paraclete to do just that….inspire us in the ways of Christ.
    So there are times when that inspiration comes in a bunch or with some time in between. But I find that if I wait, that is when I can offer my best. And hope that it in some way is meaningful to a reader. But especially that it is pleasing to my Lord and God.

  2. So many writers I know are saying this, including me. It’s strange. A couple weeks back I was excited to write. I’ve been plotting out ideas for blogs and my novel. But I’ve hit a fork in the road. My head feels drained like someone unlocked my creativity and it spilled on the street. I hope my creativity returns soon. I’m so close to finding the ideas, yet it seems further than it seems. I’ll pray you get back into the groove, friend. And enjoy the weekend.

  3. I’ve been doing the same thing, “less writing and more reading,” I’m working on a novel, full time factory, and every weekend is filled with church functions/serving. Not that I’m complaining, its just for a season that I am this busy 😬 I believe the next season in my life will be motherhood and since I plan on being a stay at home mom I know I will pick up my blog more. Thanks for sharing! Glad I’m not the only one in need of a refuel right now

  4. I truly understand the need to refuel, for I was just in that season as well. The refueling of our souls is very edifying, for God teaches us new things, shows us new lessons, and opens new doors. Refueling is refreshing to the soul for it allows us to rests before continuing in the purpose God has for us! God bless you, and I am also glad I am not the only one who needed to refuel! 🙂

  5. I’m glad you’re taking time to refuel. That’s precisely why only write blog posts about once a month. I want content that’s personal, meaningful and authentic. I’m not good at writing fluff. Best wishes for your time of rest.

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